At Stealth Health, we’ve sourced the best cleaning and sanitizing products for you and your home, office and in between.


We sanitize surfaces, objects, person and air space and in the process, kill 99.9% of bacterial AND viral germs, immediately and for up to 4 hours post application

Clean & Disinfect

We clean & disinfect everything from mountain bikes (and muddy clothes) to vehicles, kitchens, ovens and stoves and in the process, kill 99.9% of bacterial germs

Soothe & Heal

Some of our personal favourites for soothing and healing those little bumps, scratches, itches, burns and also sore muscles from when we exercise a little bit too hard


Let’s be honest, sometimes we need a little boost to help our immune systems to heal and stay healthy and well


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Yes, we even have some special formulations to sanitize and soothe our pets and their living spaces.

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