Ecologic 750ml Pop-Top

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Ecologic 750ml Pop-Top bottle, ideal for lower usage environments where 5L bulk is too much, for all usage when diluting ecologic into large buckets of water at lower concentrations for general cleaning jobs and as a top-up for the spray bottles.

Includes 1 x 750ml (full) Pop-Top Bottle.

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Ecologic 750ml Pop-Top bottle, supplied for all usage when diluting ecologic at lower concentrations into large buckets of water, for once-off cleaning jobs like floors, vehicles, bikes and as a top-up for the 750ml spray bottles.

Ideal for lower usage environments where 5L bulk is too much.

Easy to decant from pop-top bottle into Spray bottles for specific cleaning or buckets for general cleaning. Also for ease of use to store decanted, undiluted ecologic from 5L Bulk.

Ecologic is non-corrosive, non-toxic, food safe and hence an eco-friendly industrial cleaner, degreaser, detergent and disinfectant, all in one product. For kitchens, bathroom, offices, general household, cars, bike, bicycles (including drive-train), etc

Tested and certified to kill 99.9% of BACTERIAL germs, it is safe to use at home, at the office and in all food processing environments such as restaurants, lodges and butcheries.

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Ecologic 750ml Pop-Top

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