About us

Our story

As a family with young kids, who enjoy the outdoors and an active lifestyle, staying fit, strong and healthy, through exercise, nutrition and fighting germs and allergies can be very challenging.

Already pre-Covid-19, we were already focussed on maintaining a clean and hygienic space, at home, work and when we’re out and about.

We searched and researched to find the best stuff to nuke the bad stuff but not also destroying the good stuff and environment with toxic chemicals.

Bring on Covid-19 and all of a sudden, hygiene is ramped up to another level. Again we searched and researched and found that our previous basket of goods still measures up as the best for both our family and the environment.

Bring on Covid-19

Having spent the first few weeks of lockdown sharing this information and these items, we decided to go public and start an online trading space supplying these items directly from the manufacturers to you.

Many of these products are currently not available anywhere else online, so we bundled these together with other family favourites with the intention that most families will find a use for and benefit of all these items.

We have tried to make everything as clear as possible, along with product descriptions and also usages of each, including what, how and where.  

Please make contact with us if you require any additional information or assistance. We will endeavour to respond as close to 24/7 as possible.