Ecologic is non-corrosive, non-toxic, food safe and hence an eco-friendly industrial cleaner, degreaser, detergent and disinfectant, all in one product, poised to be Mom’s, Dad’s, Kids and Pets new best friend.

EcoLogic is supplied as a highly concentrated liquid that can be diluted in different ratios to be used as a general degreaser cleaner for floors, kitchen appliances and surfaces, to remove stains and grit, to wash fabrics, bikes and cars, etc. The list is really endless.

Tested and certified to kill 99.9% of BACTERIAL germs, it is safe to use at home, at the office and in all food processing environments such as restaurants, lodges and butcheries.

Dilution ratios ranging from undiluted use to a 1:100 dilution (general cleaning), making ecologic a very cost effective option – see product packaging for suggestions and recommendations.

Unlike many other, similar ‘general cleaners’, ecoLogic stands out as being non-corrosive, meaning that it is also not harmful to metal objects or anything else that might react negatively to a corrosive chemical. Safe for all surface and floor cleaning, including marble, wood, concrete and tiles and ideal for bathrooms, showers and toilets to remove mildew and disinfect.

Ecologic can replace 95% of other cleaning chemicals as it can also be used for dishwashing, Ovens, Microwaves, Fridge / Freezers (inside and out), Cleaning fruit and vegetables.

Not harmful to humans or animals and can be safely used in the cleaning and disinfecting of animal enclosures. It can also be used to wash fabrics such as bed linen, towels, carpets and upholstery for furniture and vehicles.

Light Duty Use – Works best for general cleaning and floors to remove stains, dirt, obstructions like grime and grit, sand, allergens and dust. Typical dilution 1:100 or 50ml – 100ml : 5L.

Medium Duty Use – Works for Disinfecting and antimicrobial agents applied to surfaces of inorganic objects to destroy microorganisms. Disinfect kitchens and bathrooms, remove shower mould and clean your oven.  Typical dilution 1:15 or 50ml – 100ml into 750ml spray bottle.

Heavy Duty Use – Works for heavy duty use in workshops, large industrial kitchens, washing of vehicles, motor cycles and mountain bikes, removal of stains from muddy clothing and clean gunked up drive-trains. Typical dilution 1:10 or 100ml – 150ml into 750ml spray bottle.

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