Silverlab is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality ionised colloidal silver and Silver Repair™ products forming part of our Silverlab Health and Silverlab Sport Range products respectively.

Silverlab products are Natural Antibiotic for killing bad bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Years of product know-how and in-depth technology have enabled Silverlab to manufacture products with the highest quality and standards required by modern practitioners and therapists in the health and wellness industries. All products are manufactured in South Africa in accordance with GMP and ISO 9001 standards and principles.

Silverlab colloidal silver and Silver Repair™ are not the conventional “colloidal silver” products that many consumers have been exposed to. Instead, they are highly developed and independently tested ionised silver solutions.

As well as being an effective immune booster, the healing properties of silver solutions are extraordinary with no side effects known to have occurred or reported.

This can be shown from the results achieved both in testing as well as in patients who are taking these products.

Used for effective relief against Inflammation, Immune Booster, Dermatitis, Eczema, Burning, Stinging, Wound Healing, Nappy Rash, Stiffness and Pain from Minor Wounds, Bruises, Mouth Sores, Ulcerations, Razor Burn, Sunburn, Scrapes, Abrasions and Cuts, Chafing, Skin Rashes & Jock Itch.

Silverlab colloidal silver has been tested and has been found to be bactericidal or fungicidal on all pathogenic microbes tested. Applications for registration have been lodged with the MCC for all products.

Kills Viruses, Bacteria & Fungi – Colloidal silver is potent in the destroying of bad pathogens, with no side effects, even in high doses

Restores Good Cells – Colloidal silver stimulates the growth of damaged cells and even has claims of eliminating cancer cells

Does Not Kill Good Bacteria – Unlike prescription antibiotics it does not kill good bacteria

Boosts Your Immune System – Helps to normalize the body at a cellular level, allowing the immune system to operate more efficiently

Fights Infection & Inflammation – Treated with colloidal silver experienced near-normal skin conditions after 72 hours

For The Whole Family – Safe to use for the whole family, including pets!

Ionised colloidal silver products are widely accepted and supplied in global markets. Although some silver products can be “caustic” in nature, extensive tests have been conducted on our product which has all returned as negative in terms of toxicity.

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